Not Near the One You Love, Love the One You’re Near!

No, this is not an X-rated post, but simply one about substitution!  One of my favorite places to dine out is Cheddars. They have a grilled tilapia with mango salsa topped with grilled shrimp – simply to die for!

We did grilled tilapia at home a few nights back and I found myself without mango salsa or the ingredients to prepare such.  So what to do?  I knew that tartar sauce or cocktail sauce or any other such sauce would be an insult to the grilled tilapia flavor. 

Well upon exploring the contents of the frig I found chunky salsa and a jar of peach-mango preserves.  You guessed it – take a couple of tablespoons of the chunky part of the salsa (getting only a little of the juice) and mix with a like or slightly larger amount of the preserves (balance the sweet and the tangy to suit your own taste) that has been heated just a few seconds so it will pour easily. Mix together and add a few bits of fresh cilantro!! 

Not what they serve at Cheddars, but it does add a tangy sweetness to the fish and I just bet it would go well with something like pork chops too! Many of you have probably already done something like this, but if you haven’t – try it – and feel free to substitute another flavor if peach-mango doesn’t appeal to you. Enjoy!!


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